How Does the Internet Work?

How Does the Internet Work?

The Internet is a global network that links computers all around the globe. Through the Internet, individuals can communicate to each other and share data from any point with an Internet access. With an Internet connection, users can browse the Web, send e-mails, chat online, and even do online gaming. However, the Internet has so many advantages that allow people to do several activities online.

One of the most popular activities done on the Internet is file sharing. This is where two or more computers are connected to the Internet through different networks and their user connects to a file from one computer. File sharing is very common on the internet works such as uploading and downloading images, graphics, and music; video conferencing; web applications; and social network like Facebook and MySpace.

In order for a computer network to function effectively, it must be able to transfer packets of data at high speed. This is why a broadband Internet connection is needed. Broadband connection is one type of high-speed internet work that enables fast and smooth transfer of information. Before this technology became popular, dial-up connections and standard telephone lines were the only means of transmitting data.

Hypertext transfer protocol is also another technology that helps in transferring data packets quickly and effectively. This is also done through broadband internet work and is known as HTP. This technology is not present in regular phone lines because it does not use the same technology as dial-up lines. Instead, it makes use of the IP address in order to transmit the data packets accurately.

Another technology that helps in providing the global network of the internet is the local area network. This is an area that is designated for a specific geographical location and is separate from the rest of the world. This is done by a router or connection center. With this network, the computers within a certain area are connected with other computers belonging to other places.

The next technology that helps in providing the global network of the internet is congestion control. In the past, there was no method to control the rate of data packets. For instance, if a large amount of requests came in at the same time, the network would easily get overload and would crash. To prevent this from happening, developers have created protocols such as TCP. The TCP was developed by BIP, and its main purpose is to specify how traffic on the internet will move when there is congestion.

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