Applications of Programming Software

Applications of Programming Software

Software is a series of instructions that tell the microprocessor on how to operate. It is similar to physical hardware where the machine actually does the actual work and is built from several components. The microprocessor of a PC is programmed in software to perform specific tasks. The different software packages are designed by professional computer programmers to solve specific software problems.

There are two main types of computer hardware: hardware and applications. Applications are programs designed to run on a PC and usually run on a general purpose microprocessor like the one in an Apple product or an ordinary laptop or desktop computer. On the other hand, hardware is hardware that is used to build up the operating system like your PC’s keyboard, monitor, CPU, video card, hard disk, and sound card. The hardware is less expensive than software and so they are often used for smaller applications.

Software can be divided into two main categories: specific tasks and generic tasks. Specific tasks are those that must be carried out with the help of the operating system while generic tasks are those that don’t need any special support and can be carried out with any application. Each specific task or program has its own CPU and RAM, so it is efficient to have both. But sometimes it is also necessary to make use of the dedicated hardware for specific tasks like printing documents or running game.

When it comes to hardware design, there are many categories of hardware that fall under several groups. There are analog devices like keyboards, optical devices, digital devices, and media/video devices. All these are part of the application software development that include CD-ROM, DVD writer, CD/DVD burner, and hard disk drive. On the other hand, there are also peripherals that are connected with the PC like scanners, printers, card readers, USB and other interface devices. Computer operating system software development also includes input and output devices. The specific tasks that are performed by a particular device are determined by the type of hardware that is attached with the system.

Operating system software development involves creating a specific interface that is made use of by the PC to communicate with the hardware. This interface is known as drivers. Every device that is part of a computer system and is used by the user is controlled through a driver. The device driver allows the user to control and manipulate the specific tasks that are performed by the computer system through the designated device driver.

Operating system software development helps in providing users the capability to easily perform tasks on their computers. It simplifies the task of computers and makes them convenient to work with. It is the main reason why most personal computers today are so popular and widely used around the world. Programming software includes applications like Microsoft office, Sun word, Lotus excel, and many more.